Posted by: Manjeet Chayel | November 3, 2007

A little chit chat with God….

 One random night when I was sleeping tite. Find myself floating near the red building( located in my funny college ) .

Along with me was guy wearing white and a peaceful smile… ( He was God ). I felt happy..We glided through the air, God holding my hand. After some time I thought of asking him a few questions… So GOD said “Only 3 questions, as I have to attend other’s prayers.”

  So the questions I asked him were as follows.

“When will war finish on earth?” and God answered me “…certainly not in your lifetime…”. Then I asked God the second question, which was “When will people stop starving on earth?” and God answered “…certainly not in your son’s lifetime”. ( gosh!! I am gonna have a son 😛 ). Very disappointed to hear this, so I asked God the last question: “God, will I be able to complete my FYP?” and God answered: “…certainly not in My lifetime!”



  1. I wonder what MAM would ve answered 😛

  2. lol…though it started with usual 3 qns to god, u finished well 🙂

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