Its all about You-Know-Who

He/She is not the best person to describe about oneself.. Hence for this purpose I will use what ppl had to say about me.

Courtsey: Orkut

What Guru has to say about me :

Manjeet, Everyone talks about him as being an always-busy, never-say-die character. But there are some things very few mention in a testimonial. So i ll do it. Whenever, wherever he sees a girl(known or unknown), he drops whatever he is doing and goes behind her. Always happy to help friends ( more so if they are girls ). Noone can be angry with him for more than 20 minutes (atleast i cant be).
Never cares for any rules(Jeans,T shirt ,Cell phone . oooooooooooooh).He always thinks of “out of the box” solutions for problems. Has a hatred towards text books if they are to be read for exams but loves them for projects and other stuff. He has a sensitive heart but manages to hide it with his smile.
A sweet,friendly,intelligent chap . Lucky to have him as a friend.


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