GRE !!!!!


Week 1

Go through the ETS ‘big book’ and make a list of the words you do not know. Look up a dictionary and start making your own word list. Do not reply on wordlists from other books.

Week 2

The ETS ‘big book’ has over 26 tests. You need to try and remember as many words as you can. Don’t just memorise the words. Try and create sentences which will help you remember them.

Week 3

Use the review of the quantitative section in the book, Practicing to Take the General Test, by ETS, to brush up your math concepts.

Week 4

Start practising math problems topic by topic. Identify the areas where you need more practice.

Week 5

Now that your vocabulary is a little better, start with the analogies section of the verbal portion of the test. Use the tests from the ETS big book.

Week 6

Progress to the sentence completions and antonyms questions. Again, use the questions from the big book.

Week 7

Dedicate this entire week to the reading comprehension and the essay writing component of the test. Use the essay topics from Practicing to Take the General Test.

Week 8

Practise mixed math problems from all topics. Use the big book and the Practicing to Take the General Test book for this.

Week 9

Now you are ready to practise an entire GRE test at one stretch. Make sure there are no distractions around you. Time yourself. Try and finish one test per day. You can use the paper tests from the ETS book, but avoid repeating the tests.

Week 10

Practise the Computer Adaptive Tests CDs — Powerprep and other online software. You will now have the confidence to take the GRE exam at the testing centre.



  1. You need ten weeks? 😦

  2. Ya if we want only 1600…

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